Chiefly Thoughts

Hello Everyone,

  When I became your Chapter Chief I was faced with a mix of emotions. I was happy obviously due to the fact that I was now in charge of the greatest chapter in the Lodge, and I will now be able to help steer the chapter in the direction I feel it should go. I was given an incredible group of officers to work with, and the chapter as a whole seems to be on the rise. Our spirit has been improving, our performance at fellowship has been some of the best I’ve ever seen, and the future in general seems bright, which brought about a feeling of hope for the future. I’m hopeful that this chapter continues in the direction of greatness that I know we can go in. The reign of Saturiwa is just beginning, and together we can bring about the greatest era this Chapter has ever seen. But I would be remiss to leave out the other side. I was extremely nervous because, though I’ve held positions in the past, this would be the greatest challenge and the greatest level of responsibility. An entire year in charge, and it’s going to be a lot of work. Lots of work, but in the end it is going to be all worth it.

  This chapter is beginning a new era. As I said before we are on the rise. Our performance has been increasing extremely well, but we can’t get cocky or sit on our laurels. We must constantly push ourselves and strive to be better, at fellowships and outside. We need to be the chapter that everyone looks up to, we need to raise the bar that we set, because who else can. The best chapter in Saturiwa is coming back, and I promise to be your captain to lead you all there. There will be a few changes this year, but I promise you that they will be improvements, and help us become the chapter everyone is talking about. We will be the best, and pave the way for others to follow, as we have done before.

We ARE the best chapter and will continue to be even better.

Yours in Brotherhood

-Whit Hemphill